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TW225 Fork Oil Level Tool

TW225 Fork Oil Level Tool
£19.99 (Inc. VAT)
£16.66 (Ex. VAT)

This fork oil level tool takes all the guesswork and inaccuracies out of getting the correct amount of oil in both fork tubes.  The tool consists of a graduated syringe connected via a flexible hose to a metal probe with a movable depth stop.

To use:

Set the stop on the probe to the distance as recommended by the bike manfuacturers manual.  Slightly over fill the forks with the correct grade of oil, then just use the syringe to draw off the excess until the correct level is reached.  As the level is set by the movable stop, both forks will then be at exactly the same level.  As the syringe is graduated it can also be used for many other fluid measuring tasks in the workshop.

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