Yamaha Parts Specialist

About Us

Established in 2005 YAMBITS is family owned UK based business specialising in supplying quality replacement parts for Yamaha motorcycles. As we are totally independent of any manufacturer we are able to supply the best value parts across our full range. We have an extensive database of microfiches, parts books and invaluable research to call upon to assist our customers with their requirements.

Yambits sells Ariete, Betor, Castrol, EBC, Goodridge, Haynes, Hagon, YUASA, Tourmax, Skidmarx, NGK, Mitaka, Koyo, Keyster, JT Sprockets, Hy-Tech Reeds, Hiflo Filtro, Samco Hoses, Pipercross Filters, D.I.D Racing Chains and many more!