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Dial Gauge Ignition Timing Tool

Dial Gauge Ignition Timing Tool
£68.99 (Inc. VAT)
£57.49 (Ex. VAT)

Dial Gauge Ignition Timing Tool

This quality two stroke timing tool kit is supplied in a fitted case and consists of a dial gauge with 10mm travel, 2 extension probes 1 extension to clear fins etc and threaded adaptors to suit 10 mm, 12mm & 14mm spark plug holes.

The adaptor is long enough to allow the gauge to clear the head fins on aircooled models.  The overall height of the gauge and adaptor excluding the plug thread is 95mm - please check in-situ clearance before buying.

Use of a gauge like this is the only accurate way to set the ignition timing on many models and as incorrect timing can easily cause a 'holed' piston is the risk of guessing worth it?

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