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XS650SE Fuel Tap To Replace Vacuum Tap

XS650SE Fuel Tap To Replace Vacuum Tap
£42.99 (Inc. VAT)
£35.83 (Ex. VAT)

1978-1984 XS650's originally had petrol taps operated by a vacuum line connected to the intake (on carb holder). 1978-1979 models had 2 and 1980-1984 models had 1 petrol tap. Vacuum petrol taps are well known as leaking and are all getting to the point of being non-repairable. Our petrol tap is the early type 650 manual tap with a wider flange cast on it so it will fit in place of the vacuum types. Our tap fits to right or left and each comes with the tap to tank O-Ring seal and assorted outlet fittings ( the tap has 2 outlet ports). Fittings included: 2 ninety degree, 1 Straight fitting & 1 outlet port Plug. There is an "ON", "OFF" and "Reserve" position. Holes are 46mm apart centre to centre  Suits:

XS650SE 1978-1984

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