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TY175 Bike Wash (Ready to use) - S100 Moto Gel Wash - 750ml

TY175 Bike Wash (Ready to use) - S100 Moto Gel Wash - 750ml
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S100 Ready to Use Moto Gel Wash - 750ml

Value-retaining regular and careful cleaning of motorcycles requires significant time and effort. The result of a survey with bikers shows that in addition to perfect cleaning and material compatibility, self-drying without water stains is one of the most important criteria for buying motorcycle cleaners. This attribute is currently not available on the market, but S100 has just changed this.
Simply spray the entire motorcycle with S100 Moto Wash and allow the gel formula to act for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. If necessary, use a sponge. Then, thoroughly hose down the bike with a strong jet of water and allow to dry naturally or wipe with a chamois. The motorcycle dries itself without having to use a chamois and without leaving water stains.

  • Self-drying: dries without the need of a chamois and without leaving water stains -> Now with even better cleaning performance and even more gentle even on extremely sensitive surfaces (e. g. powder coating)

  • Strong proven S100 cleaning power: Effortless and residue-free removal of dirt, insect residue, grease, and oil stains

  • Highest yield and cleaning effect due to the gel formula

  • Acid-free

Supplied in 750ml bottle with trigger

Please read the instructions on the back of the bottle before use.


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