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TW225 Cataclean Powershot Bike 250ml

TW225 Cataclean Powershot Bike 250ml
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£7.49 (Ex. VAT)

Cataclean is a fuel and exhaust system cleaner which offers easy starting, more torque and more power.

* Fuel and exhaust system cleaner

* Reduced emissions by up to 60%

* Improves MPG and restores performance

* No need to use premium fuel

* Easy to use - simply pour into the fuel system

* New COEX-HDPE bottle constructed for increaed strength with no evapouration

* Remove harmful carbon build-up in valves, injectors and exhaust

* Suitable for use on all bikes including 2 stroke and 4 stroke

* Restores power, torque and throttle response

Supplied in a 250ml bottle. 

TW225 2002-2003



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