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TT-R125 Gasket Cement - Hylomar 40g

TT-R125 Gasket Cement - Hylomar 40g
£4.99 (Inc. VAT)
£4.16 (Ex. VAT)
Hylomar Universal Blue cement is used world-wide in sealing petrol and diesel engines and automotive
Typical applications:
Water and oil pumps, instrument inspection covers, cylinder heads and cast oil pans.
Coating pre-formed gaskets,weatherproofing motors and outdoor high voltage circuit breakers.
Inlet manifolds, timing case covers, oil pump joints, gearbox and transmission components.
Thread sealing, turbo vacuum systems and any machined flange. 
Supplied in an 40g tube.
Replaces Yamaha part numbers
All part numbers are used for reference purposes only and no source of manufacture or supply is implied.