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TDR250 Brake Banjo Bolt Sealing Washer

TDR250 Brake Banjo Bolt Sealing Washer
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£0.42 (Ex. VAT)

This washer fits on the banjo bolts used on brake calipers and master cylinders . It is essential a new washer is fitted every time the bolt is removed to prevent leaks. Suits all 10mm banjo bolts. 

Replaces Yamaha part numbers
OEM Part number: 90201-10118
OEM Part number: 509-23158-L0
OEM Part number: 341-83909-00
OEM Part number: 90201-10128
OEM Part number: 90201-108J9
OEM Part number: 90430-10005
All part numbers are used for reference purposes only and no source of manufacture or supply is implied.