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Silkolene Comp 4 15W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Litre

Silkolene Comp 4 15W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Litre
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The SILKOLENE COMP 4 15W-50 XP range of motorcycle engines oils are designed using XP Technology for high performance On-Road and Off-Road 4 stroke motorcycle engines. XP Technology uses an innovative highly shear stable, low volatility base oil formulation along with stable esters to achieve increased power, provide ultimate engine and transmission protection,reduce oil consumption and improve fuel economy even under race conditions. XP Technology combats engine wear and reduces friction on all critical load surfaces at both high temperature operation and on cold starts.

Advantages / Benefits:

  • Superior shear stability produces “stay in grade” synthetic ester containing multigrade engine oils.
  • Ideal for larger capactity engines
  • Provides a high degree of anti-wear performance for stressed components.
  • Provides enhanced high temperature deposit control resulting in a cleaner engine and thus promoting longer engine life and performance retention.
  • Suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where engine oil technology is specified providing good pitting protection.
  • Balanced frictional properties give precise clutch control / operation.
  • Also provides good corrosion protection, better oxidation/ nitration resistance and lower volatility than conventional products.
  • Up to 11% Fuel Savings
  • 18% Lower Oil Consumption
  • 3% Improved Power (BHP/Torque)


Formulated to meet the needs of both air and water cooled 4-Stroke engines the SILKOLENE COMP range comes in four grades and is suitable for 4-Stroke engines fitted to both On-Road and Off-Road motorcycles.


  • JASO MA2
  • API SL Performance

Supplied in 1 Litre bottle



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