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Silkolene Comp 2 Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil - 4 Litre Cube

Silkolene Comp 2 Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil - 4 Litre Cube
£41.99 (Inc. VAT)
£34.99 (Ex. VAT)

Comp 2 Synthetic ester based Engine Oil.

 Advanced low smoke, low ash formula reduces engine wear. Prevents piston seizure, ring sticking, plug fouling and exhaust port blockage.

The latest technical advances produce an environmentally friendly low smoke lubricant. Suitable for both premix and injector systems. Mix thoroughly. Refer to handbook for mix recommendations. Compatible with all fuels. Comp-2 benefits from the latest developments in Silkolene Electrosyntec range and uses electrostatic forces to bond low-friction molecules to metal surfaces, reducing friction, releasing hidden power and ensuring long-term performance retention.


  • Freedom from ring stick and deposit formation.
  • Maximum power release with Minimum engine wear.
  • Low ash blend to combat pre-ignition and maintain power output and fuel economy.
  • Low smoke performance for environmental acceptability.
  • Please note this oil is sutable for both off road and on road motorbikes


  • API TC

Supplied in 4 Litre cube



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