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RS125DX Inline Fuse Holder (male-male terminals)

RS125DX Inline Fuse Holder (male-male terminals)
£2.20 (Inc. VAT)
£1.83 (Ex. VAT)

This fuse holder is the type that was used on many models in the 60's, 70's and 80's. It features space for a spare fuse and has the metal spring clip to retain the two halves just like the original. Supplied with a 25amp 25mm long fuse (though this can easily be changed to the correct rating for the circuit it is used on). As the picture shows both wires have male 2.9mm bullet connectors. Suits:

RS125DX 1976-1981


N.B. Please ensure the correct fuse as recommended by the bike manufacturer is used. Serious damage can be caused if not!

Replaces Yamaha part numbers
OEM Part number: 116-82150-01
OEM Part number: 164-82150-00
OEM Part number: 1E2-82150-00
OEM Part number: 2UJ-82150-00
OEM Part number: 2UJ-82150-01
OEM Part number: 2UJ-82150-02
OEM Part number: 353-82150-00
OEM Part number: 55K-82150-00
OEM Part number: 55K-82150-01
All part numbers are used for reference purposes only and no source of manufacture or supply is implied.