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RD350 YPVS F2 1WT Link Bush Lower

RD350 YPVS F2 1WT Link Bush Lower

This bush fits into the shocker arm where the suspension link(dogbone) connects, often badly worn, 2 per bike are required. Suits:

RD350 YPVS F2 1986-1991 (1WT)


Replaces Yamaha part numbers

OEM Part number: 90386-20150

OEM Part number: 90386-20119

OEM Part number: 90386-20134

All part numbers are used for reference purposes only and no source of manufacture or supply is implied.

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1 x FZ400R Swingarm Link Bush Lower
1 x AT1B Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x FJ1100 Regulator
1 x CS5E Choke Plunger Dust Cover Cap
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1 x AS2C Gearbox Sprocket Oil Seal
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1 x CT1 Choke Lever Detent Plate
1 x DT230 Lanza Regulator Rectifier
1 x CS3 Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x RD350 YPVS F1 Swingarm Link Bush Lower
1 x DT175 Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x BT1100 Bulldog Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x AT1B Choke Lever Detent Plate
1 x DT125X Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x AT3 Choke Knob
1 x AS1C Gearbox Sprocket Oil Seal
1 x RD350 YPVS N2 Swingarm Link Bush Upper
1 x RD350 YPVS N2 Swingarm Link Bush Lower
1 x FZ400R Swingarm Link Bush Upper
1 x DT400 Rectifier
1 x AT1C Choke Lever Detent Plate
1 x CT1B Choke Lever Detent Plate
1 x DT125LC MK2 Gearbox Sprocket Oil Seal
1 x DT50M Rectifier
1 x AT2 Gearbox Sprocket Oil Seal
1 x RD350 YPVS N1 Swingarm Link Bush Lower
1 x DT125 Clutch Arm Oil Seal
1 x BT1100 Bulldog Regulator Rectifier
1 x FZ600 Swingarm Link Bush Upper
1 x FZ600 Swingarm Link Bush Lower
1 x DT1 Gearbox Sprocket Oil Seal
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