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RD250LC Fuel Tank

RD250LC Fuel Tank
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This fuel tank has been faithfully reproduced to allow owners to replace tanks beyond economic repair. The tank can use the original cap, tap and mountings etc. The tank is supplied in primer. As with all body and fairing panels - it will require further preparation prior to re-finishing in your colour of choice. This is not the tank produced in India as many on other sites are.


RD250LC 1980-1986

Replaces Yamaha part numbers
OEM Part number: 4L0-24110-00-01
OEM Part number: 4L0-24110-01-01
OEM Part number: 4L0-24110-01-07
OEM Part number: 4L0-24110-01-08
OEM Part number: 4L0-24110-01-09
All part numbers are used for reference purposes only and no source of manufacture or supply is implied.