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We are proud to announce that the new 'Search by Bike' category is now live! A big thank you to Josh our IT manager who has worked very hard on this for us over the past few weeks.

Simply click the yellow box category button on our Home Page and it is just a couple of clicks to go straight to the bike model of your choice to view all our parts we have for it. We've also added the 'Workshop' category which shows all the other essential items to help finish off your bike.

We are of course still adding new items daily, so don't forget to check our 'What's New' link on our home page too! All items have a full description, so please remember to check the item is suitable for your bike before purchase.

Welcome to all of our new customers since our last news letter. Once again we hope you have found what you are looking for and are pleased with your purchases.


Some our UK buyers are having trouble purchasing Paint and Batteries on our website. This is because until you have logged in, the system does not recognise where you live (via your postcode) and therefore will not allow the purchase of these items. Only UK mainland buyers can purchase batteries and paint. So if you wish to purchase either of these items please log into your account first! If you don't have an account you can register one by clicking here.


We're still getting there, so thank you all for being so patient!

Firstly welcome to all of our new customers. Many thanks for your orders and we hope you have found what you are looking for and are pleased with your purchases.

Some of you have had issues with the check out process...

Please note: After payment you are sent back to our website and you must click Confirm to complete the transaction or it will not complete the sale!

Some of you may have noticed the increase in new listings lately. We are working hard to add as many items as possible before the addition of the new 'Search by Bike' category option is unveiled. As stated in our last newsletter this is a manual and major task (and lots of late nights for Dave and I!). We have also taken on new staff to facilitate the website getting up to speed as fast as possible and hope to have everything in place in the next few weeks so please bear with us.

Our Parts:

Please note that unless stated otherwise in the description all of our parts fit UK and European models only.

Search Box:

Our aim is to make finding the parts you require much easier and faster. We will also keep the 'Parts by Type' option for those who prefer it, but many of you seem to prefer to see what is available for your particular bike and just browse all the items. Whichever method you choose our search box is there to help you too, so please use it and keep it simple e.g. Brake Pads, Coil, XT350 Indicator, Push Rod Oil Seal, Flywheel Puller etc. – Key words work wonders!

We are now being more specific with the bike models too e.g. RD400C (1976), XJR1300SP, FS1E, RD350 YPVS F2, TZR125L etc., and if you do not know the exact model you have, you can simply email your engine or frame number to us and we will identify it for you so you can purchase the correct parts from us with the confidence that they will fit. Again, you can simply type your specific bike model into our search box to see what is currently available. As always please read the description and check the years stated for suitability.

A Common Fallacy:

The year of registration often has no real bearing on the bikes actual year of manufacture (it could have been sat in a showroom for years... and believe us, many have!). The DLVA often makes major typos too! As we often quote to customers over the phone "do you want the parts to fit your bike or your log book?" – we are not being sarcastic at all, just trying to save us all grief in the long run. Also sometimes the frame and engine number do not match, this can also cause problems. The frame number is stamped into the headstock (turn the front wheel to the left) and the engine number is stamped into the crankcase. Both codes look like this on early Yamaha models *000-000000* Having your bike properly identified saves both you and us much time and effort in supplying the correct parts, so if you are unsure please ask for assistance, we are more than glad to help.

We are constantly adding new items, many of which we have sourced ourselves or have had manufactured exclusively for us. The research we do is massive, intense and very time consuming, but we always endeavour to do it right!

Dave, Caroline & the Yambits Team


New Look Website

As regular customers will have noticed the website has had a bit of a facelift, this is one many changes planned. The site has also been moved to a new dedicated server to increase the speed.

Our next step is to add many more products and make finding them much easier. We are hoping to unveil a new layout with parts grouped by specific bike model rather than type soon. This task is far bigger than anybody can imagine so this will not happen overnight. Many new products will added to the current layout as the work in the background progresses.

As with any move there have been unforeseen glitches, further details of the ones found so far are below. If a customer should have any problems please feel free to email the team mail@yambits.co.uk.

PayPal Checkout Issues

There have some problems with the new PayPal Express Checkout. These were caused by broken links due to the new faster server. This has now been resolved and both PayPal and Sagepay payments options are fully functional.

International Shipping

Unfortunately shipping to destinations outside Europe was unavailable for 2-3 days. The problem has now found and repaired. The rates have all been checked and are available to view on the Shipping & Returns page.

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