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FS1EDX Brake Pads EBC

FS1EDX Brake Pads EBC
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EBC are a world renowned brake manufacturer. These FA series Kevlar organic pads provide fingertip stopping power and are the preferred choice for many sportbike riders, having low disc attack characteristics and medium lifetime. There may be cheaper pads, but do you really want cheap brakes?? Read the pad type explanation from EBC below. These pads are supplied in pairs to suit one caliper on:

FS1E DX 1975-1976

There are three types of brake pad used on modern Motorcycles and these fall into these groups, Organic, semi metallic or sintered. Quickly explained, semi metallic pads are blended with up to 30 or 50% cheap steel fibre, organic pads are made with man made fibres such as Kevlar or Twaron bonded together with a petrochemical resin and sintered metal pads are copper alloy amalgamated together under heat and pressure. EBC Brakes makes only Organic and Sintered Brake pads, we do not subscribe to the steel fibre technology as suitable for motorcycle brakes for numerous reasons.

Replaces Yamaha part numbers
OEM Part number: 1V1-W0045-00
OEM Part number: 404-20000-10
OEM Part number: 404-20000-11
OEM Part number: 404-20000-12
OEM Part number: 404-W0045-12
OEM Part number: 464-20000-11
OEM Part number: 464-20000-12
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